About us

Tisdall Associates brings an appreciation of the significance of landscape, biodiversity and health as fundamental to the creation of healthy resilient communities. As a Practice it draws on over 25 years experience in Landscape Architecture, Environmental Management and Public Health to provide a comprehensive and commercially focused service to clients in the public and private sectors. We can offer direct services to clients, but also support the value of working within an integrated team. Where appropriate we can draw on broad professional experience to provide bespoke project management services.

Clients and Background

The expertise offered by this Practice since its inception as Tisdall King in 1998 has included Commercial Developers, Housing Associations, Retirement Care providers and private individuals. Involvement with Local Authorities and their Spatial Planning, Public Health and Parks Departments, and other professional institutes has added to the breadth of experience. Our services are thus relevant to all who seek responsibly to develop sustainable, resilient and healthy communities through the enhancement of new developments, the existing urban realm including urban spaces parks and spaces; addressing landscape, amenity, biodiversity and health.

As Director, Richard Tisdall draws on experience within Local Authority, Commercial development and Private Practice; most recently as MD of Tisdall King Ltd and now Director of Tisdall Associates. With a degree in Agricultural and Environmental Science and two separate Masters Degrees in Landscape Design and Public Health, (including quantitative research experience and Health Impact Assessment from the University of Liverpool), he brings with him over 25 years of professional experience. He acts regularly as an Expert Witness in major developments for a wide range of Commercial Clients. He was on the editorial team which produced the Landscape Institutes Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment Guidelines Edition 2 and a co-author on the Landscape Institute’s Public Health Working Group, contributing to the Landscape Institutes Position Statement “Public Health and Landscape”. On a pro-bono basis Richard is involved with the West Midlands Health and Planning Group set within the West Midlands Learning for Public Health Group, exploring issues related to Spatial Planning and Health. He contributed as a member of the Stakeholder Group to the TCPA publication “Reuniting health with planning: healthier homes, healthier communities’ (published in July 2012). As a speaker Richard has contributed to a number of conferences, most recently as a guest speaker at the Arboricultural Associations International Conference on Trees and Health in 2014. Further talks have been presented at the following events

The International Conference on Assets for Health and Wellbeing across the Life Course London 2011

The Community Sport Development Group. Cambridge City Council. May 2012

European Urban Health Conference Amsterdam 2012

The District Councils Network District Action on Public Health. 2103

Town and Country Planning Association 2013

NHS Scotland Places and Spaces for Health Conference Edinburgh 2013