The Parks for Health Assessment Toolkit Launch


The Parks for Health Assessment Toolkit launches on 16th May 2019 in London.

Mental Health Awareness Week

Health and Wellbeing lie at the heart of national and local government policy. It is a responsibility shared across both the Government, Council and the NHS. Primary Prevention, the prevention of avoidable ill-health before it develops, lies at the heart of new Government guidance, as set out in the new 10-year plan for the NHS, and based upon their 2018 Report “Prevention is Better than Cure” , and has been supported by a promise from Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, in January 2019 of at least £4.5 Billion additional funding for Primary and Community Care.

Scientific research demonstrates that Parks play a central role in the prevention and treatment of avoidable ill-health. What has been needed to date is an objective evidence-based Toolkit, to assess Parks and Green Spaces against that evidence, and to provide clear guidance on community initiatives, improvements and new interventions which can increase the health status or that Park; enhancing its benefits for health. Working with Parks for London, Tisdall Associates have created the Parks for Health Toolkit and the Green Spaces Health Framework. The former comprises a straightforward questionnaire which delivers a practical report of your Park, with charts, tables, improvements and potential interventions, alongside recommendations and further action points for the owner or community group to consider. The latter sets the Toolkit in the context of Primary Prevention, integrating Parks within Community Initiatives, Public Health, Social Prescribing, Workplace Wellbeing and Planning. 

The Toolkit is launched on Thursday 16th May 2019 in Ruskin Park Lambeth, in partnership with Lambeth Borough Council, The Friends of Ruskin Park, and Parks for London.