As Landscape Architects we have worked with both local and national developers; Bovis, Barratts, David Wilson Homes, Persimmon, Redrow, Taylor Wimpey, Bloors, Bellway and many others. We are also proud to have worked alongside some of the best Professional Practices in Planning, Architecture, Engineering, and Ecology.

Many share a desire to address the effects of Climate Change (e.g. pollution and temperature extremes), to deliver Biodiversity Enhancement, but also to create places and spaces which demonstrably contribute to health and wellbeing. The Green Infrastructure Health Assessment and Landscape Health Strategies identify opportunities to assess and then design health promoting green spaces within new development, and refurbishment projects. As a direct consequence of the assessment, it is possible to demonstrate how health and wellbeing will be improved, the environment protected and biodiversity enhanced; all essential drivers in the creation of sustainable developments, and resilient communities.

In developing the Parks for Health Assessments and Green Space Health Strategies (See Health Parks), we have also worked with the Public Sector, identifying opportunities for cost savings to the maintenance of existing Parks and Green Spaces, and potential saving to the delivery of Clinical care, Adult and Social Care, and Mental Health Services. (See Partnering with Health Parks)

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