“Members (of our Friends of Ruskin Park) feel passionately about the blindingly obvious causative link between our health and the environment”...”It’s quite a struggle to make consistent improvements. We want a more systematic and effective approach to deciding on priorities for the park and ensuring that they’re implemented.”
— Lucy Hadfield. Chair of Ruskin Park’s Friends Group. London Borough of Lambeth

Delivering Parks and Green Spaces for Health requires an objective, evidence based model. This must be independent, quantifiable, replicable, and user friendly. Based upon academic study, a detailed review of primary research, and drawing on experience and qualifications in Landscape Design and Public Health, the Parks for Health Toolkit places Parks and Green Spaces within the context of Public Health and Primary Prevention. It objectively assesses key landscape elements and activities, and interprets them within five Primary Health Criteria (Community Initiatives, Accessibility, Physical Activity, Mental Wellbeing and Environment and Biodiversity) and 17 Secondary Health Criteria. It forms the basis for a series of Park Health Audits, and the creation of Park Health Strategies. These are invaluable additional components of Park and Green Infrastructure Audits and Strategies.  

The Parks for Health AUDITs

The Parks for Health Toolkit delivers the following opportunities:

  • The Free Survey:

  • The Park Health Audits: The Basic Audit, Evaluation and Appraisal

  • Multiple Park Audits: Providing data on parks across Communities, Wards, Councils and Regions.

The detail of each is as follows:

The Free Survey

This is a short survey with a series of questions which gives you a feel for the health of your park, and the functionality of the system. Try it here

Park Health Audits Click here

At increasing levels of detail these audits provide a range of information:

Through a series of charts and tables, they identify the proportion of elements within each of the health criteria which are:

(i) Present and satisfactory (Current Health Status)

(ii) In need of improvement and

(iii) Potential new opportunities

(iv) Lists of improvements and new opportunities within each of the health criteria

(v) List of improvements and new opportunities to address to obesity, mental ill health and non-communicative diseases

(vi) Facilities which are suitable for use within Health Promotion and Social Prescribing

These audits demonstrate the health status of your Park, and provide a sound basis for practical action and the development of Park Health Strategies.

For individual audits contact us for the link to the Parks for Health Toolkit to select the audit which is right for you.

For multiple audits, contact us to discuss licensing the Toolkit on an annual. This will provide you with unlimited access to the Toolkit. It will allow you to undertake as many audits as you wish, to compare and contrast the impact of different health interventions and as a basis for positive health strategies.

Multiple Park Audits and Analysis:

Where participants wish to use Parks and Green Spaces to address medical conditions across an area (e.g. City, Town, Borough or Ward), audits can be carried out to identify the health status of Parks across that wider area. From the analysis of the data it is possible to ascertain the following:

  • The Health Status of each Park within each of the Primary Health Criteria (Community Initiatives, Accessibility, Mental Wellbeing, Physical Activity and Environment and Biodiversity)

  • The range in health status of the Parks, within and across the community, within each of the Health Criteria, and according to the scale of the parks.

  • Strengths or weaknesses in provision, allowing consistent shortfalls to be addressed through targeted interventions across Districts, Wards or communities.

  • Interventions to support the prevention or treatment of avoidable medical conditions prevalent in the local population.

  • Associations between health status, and (for example) social factors; deprivation, medical conditions, health inequalities etc.

For more information on any of the above please contact us for details.

sample AUDIT reports


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