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The Parks for Health Initiative places Parks and Green Spaces within the context of Public Health, embracing health promotion, accessibility, physical activity and mental wellbeing, in addition to biodiversity enhancement and environmental risk factors related to Climate Change (Carbon Capture, temperature extremes and UV radiation etc).Emanating from academic study and research, and based upon many years for design experience, the Parks for Health Assessment identifies elements and characteristics of Parks and Green spaces and their use, demonstrated to contribute to health and wellbeing.  

The parks for health assessments

The Parks for Health Assessments are online, survey based assessment models. Two Parks for Health Assessments are shortly to be released:

The Free Survey. Using a shorter survey, this provides an indication of the current health status of your Park, and potential for improvement.

The Audit, Evaluation and Strategy. These are costed reports which can be used to identify, at increasing levels of detail, the current status of a Park, areas for improvement and new interventions. They are based upon an evidence-based survey of elements related to accessibility, mental wellbeing, physical activity, environmental factors and biodiversity. They provide charts and tables of status, and at the most detailed level (Strategy Report), they also list improvements and new intervention within each of these categories. These assessments offer tangible benefits:

(i) They make it possible to recognise, celebrate and improve the health status of existing Parks, embracing within the assessment model the key elements of the Five Ways to Mental Wellbeing.

(ii) They allow Parks to be used to contribute to environmental targets including (i) reductions in Carbon Dioxide by utilizing Parks better for carbon capture, (ii) reducing temperature extremes in the urban environment, and (iii) providing protection in Parks against the effects of UV radiation.

(iii) To deliver biodiversity enhancement, often associated with reduced maintenance costs.



Where participants want to ascertain the health status of Parks across an area (e.g. City, Town, Ward or Community), assessments can be carried out, and results analysed to obtain an overview of the health status of Parks in that wider area. In addition to receiving a report for each Park, the analysis of these results provides an overview of the health status of Parks across that area. This includes the average health status of the Parks. It identifies Parks which lie above and below this average, both overall, and within each of the Health Criteria. It can ascertain if there are common strengths or weaknesses in provision in certain areas, allowing shortfalls to be addressed and particular medical conditions targeted. It is also possible to compare the health status of Parks between areas. In addition, the data makes it possible to explore associations between the health status of those Parks and other determinants of health; deprivation, prevalence of ill-health, pollution etc, a completely new area of scientific study.

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